mercredi 10 septembre 2008


Le poème d'Ellowyne:
"Scanty clothes and cheerful grin Are not the style of Ellowyne.
My eyes are lustrous, large and deep Chopin always makes me weep.
Boredom is my greatest foe I wallow in a well of woe.
Flowers, lace, and frippery Help save me from my great ennui.
My pretty painted house divine Which lies upon the earthquake line
Is filled with treasures I adore From grandma and the dollar store.
I'd like to give my cat a kiss But Sybil wants to scratch and hiss.
We drink our tea from silver trays While kitty eats a mouse and plays.
My spirits wilt just like a rose My pretty poem is at a close.
Sweetly pained I feel inspired But no, perhaps not…I'm just too tired"